Tummy tucks and liposuction, and mommy makeovers. Oh my! 

When considering what procedures are right for you and your mommy makeover, it’s normal to find yourself at a loss regarding which treatment will actually help you meet your aesthetic goals. But truth be told, no mommy makeover procedure is ever one-size-fits-all. And still, many women believe that liposuction, specifically, is the true fix for all the bodily changes that come along with pregnancy. 

So today, we’re hoping to set the record straight a little by sharing some of the benefits of tummy tucks over liposuction. Of course, you want your pre-baby body back, and we want to deliver results that you feel good about, so keep reading to learn three signs that a tummy tuck might be best for you: 

1. You have an excess of skin in the abdomen area you want to get rid of. 

A tummy tuck procedure removes fat, just like liposuction. But in addition, it also removes the excess skin that occurs with weight gain and loss. So liposuction alone won’t eliminate your loose skin and fat, but tummy tucks will! 

2. You have loose abdominal muscles that are resistant to exercise. 

It’s normal that during pregnancy, the adnominal walls begin to stretch and sometimes even tear. And this can become really frustrating when it seems like no amount of ab workouts fix the problem. However, if you want a flatter tummy and firmer abs, a tummy tuck can address your concerns and give you the tight midline of your dreams. 

3. You don’t feel as confident in your body as you used to be. 

Any kind of change to the body can affect your self-esteem and body confidence levels, and as you know, the way you feel about yourself has an impact on your relationships, work, and all aspects of life. 

You always deserve to look and feel your best, no matter what stage of life you’re in. So if you desire a flatter stomach, stronger adnominal muscles, and a more sculpted waistline, call our team today at 956-969-8369 to schedule a consultation!