You’ve committed to a nutrition and fitness routine that not only worked for you, but fit your lifestyle. But after awhile, you stopped seeing results – almost like you hit a wall. You pushed a little harder but still aren’t seeing results.

It might be time to resort to an alternative solution to help you reach that next milestone.

For those who aren’t eager to undergo a more invasive and intense body definition procedure, New Life’s minimally invasive, 3-in-1 D’Sculpt procedure may be the perfect option.

D’Sculpt – which was invented by our very own Dr. Lee – is a minimally invasive procedure that uses the latest industry technologies to combine 3 of our most popular procedures together in order to achieve sustainable and noticeable results.

Your D’Sculpt procedure will begin with Vaser liposuction AND BodyTite skin tightening in the first procedure, followed by 6 Emsculpt sessions over a period of 3 weeks shortly after your first procedure.

Patients favor this surgery for a number of reasons: it’s quick, the surgery can be done via complete IV sedation and NOT general anesthesia, and the recovery and long term results are highly favorable in comparison to other more intensive procedures.

After you book a consultation, Dr. will meet with you to examine you and discuss your specific challenges and goals and create a custom plan that best fits your needs.

The initial D’Sculpt prcedure (combining Vaser Liposuction and BodyTite) can take anywhere from 1 to 4 hours. You’ll come back to visit with Dr. Lee the day after your procedure to remove your bandages. After 2 to 3 weeks have passed, you will start coming into the office biweekly for 3 weeks to complete your Emsculpt treatments.

Patients should expect slight discomfort and bruising after their initial surgery, but most are back at work after 1 week. There are a number of recommendations we give our patients to help ease these discomfort and help speed up the recovery. Head over to our FAQ page for a comprehensive list of our most asked questions.

For more information about the D’Sculpt procedure and our recommendations, click here, or hit play on the following video:

What makes you the perfect candidate for New Life’s D’Sculpt procedure?

  • You have a BMI of less than 30
  • You have a minimal amount of saggy or loose skin. If you do, Dr. Lee may recommend an alternative procedure more suited to your needs
  • You’ve already committed to nutrition and exercise, but still aren’t seeing results.
  • Certain areas of your body just aren’t in proportion with others (love-handles, stomach pooch, and upper back bra-roll area) and your nutrition and exercise efforts aren’t producing results.
  • You’re close to your desired weight and look, but just can’t pass that last milestone.
  • You’re eager to invest in your long term health and wellness by taking your post-op care, physical activity, and nutrition very seriously going forward.

If most of these qualifications fit you and your body, then D’Sculpt may be the perfect procedure for you! To schedule a consultation, call New Life Cosmetic Surgery at 956-969-8369.