Operation day is just around the corner, and we bet you’re already daydreaming about your post-op, fully healed results. 

As excited as you might be to get to this point, you can’t daydream your way past the recovery stage, however. But you can follow the advice of experienced cosmetic surgeons and learn a few tips that will help speed up your recovery!

We know, we know — the healing process is uncomfortable. But with the help of the advice below, you’ll be on your way to the healthy, beautiful results you’ve been dreaming about all along! So without much further ado, here are five tips for achieving a smooth post-op recovery:

1. Follow doctor’s orders.

Okay, this one might seem like a no-brainer, but trust us, you might be tempted to skim over the aftercare materials Dr. Lee goes over with his patients. It’s important that you read through any literature or pamphlets you are given before the operation. That way, you’re well aware of what’s happening and you can follow up with any questions you may have. 

2. Refrain from smoking or vaping. 

Did you know that inhaling tobacco can prevent your body from healing as it normally would? According to the World Health Organization, “Smoking just one cigarette decreases the body’s ability to deliver necessary nutrients for healing after surgery.” 

That’s some pretty serious stuff. So don’t take your chances and plan ahead to abstain from smoking during the entire recovery process. 

3. Eat nutritious food and drink plenty of water.

This one might sound simple, but it definitely becomes harder to do when you’re in recovery. Before you undergo surgery, consider meal-prepping balanced meals that you can eat during your healing stage. 

It’s best to avoid processed foods, sugary drinks, sweets, and salty foods because they hinder the recovery process, so meal-prepping is an excellent strategy. 

4. Don’t postpone your follow-up visit. 

This is probably one of the most crucial post-op recovery tips. During your follow-up appointment, Dr. Lee will assess how you’re doing and make sure you’re on track for a complete recovery without complications, so it’s a very important appointment to make. 

Set a reminder in your calendar, tell someone else to remind you, or do whatever it takes to ensure you make this appointment! 

5. Let others help you. 

Recovery is not easy to manage on your own, so don’t hesitate to rely on Dr. Lee and our team and your own support network as you heal. 

Want to learn more post-op recovery tips? Visit our FAQ page to learn more here!