Earlobe Repair

General Summary

If you have a split earlobe that has been torn and healed separated or your earring holes are elongated so that you can no longer wear earrings, you may need an earlobe repair. An earlobe repair is a simple procedure that is done in the office with no downtime.

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1. Consultation and Planning

When you come to a consultation at New Life Cosmetic Cosmetic Surgery, Dr. Lee will examine your torn or elongated earlobe to assess if you are a candidate for repair. Some patients used to have gauges and therefore have very thinned out earlobe skin. All these earlobe problems can be repaired in the office with a simple procedure. It is exciting to think about being able to wear earrings again!

2. Procedure

Earlobe repair is performed in the office with local anesthesia (numbing medication) so you can drive yourself home. The earlobe is repaired and shaped to fit together correctly. There are sutures that will come out a week later.

3. Recovery

You will notice a difference immediately after surgery but you will be swollen and the results will improve with time as the swelling goes down. You can use ice packs to help with discomfort and swelling. Dr. Lee will prescribe pain medication so that you will be very comfortable during your recovery. You will be able to get your ear re-pierced 6 weeks after the procedure.

Remember that everyone is different. Recovery times and progression is not the same for everyone. The times stated are typical for healthy individuals healing from this surgery. The normal progression of healing may be different for those with health problems, smokers, and those who have unforeseen complications after surgery.

4. Results

After you are healed, your scar will be unnoticeable and you will feel confident with how you look. After 6 weeks, you will get your ear pierced and need to leave it in place for 6 weeks. After that time, you may wear any earrings again. Individual results may vary.

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