Embrace RF

General Summary

Embrace RF is combining FaceTite with Morpheus8 to tighten loose skin in the lower face and neck.  FaceTite uses radiofrequency under the skin to tighten the tissue under the skin.  The FaceTite probe is inserted through a tiny hole made in the skin. This treatment can be done on any skin type, thus even on darker skin tones. 

It’s best for men or women in their 30’s-50’s that have mild to moderate skin laxity.  It does not replace the traditional face lift for someone with severe skin laxity.  Want to schedule a FaceTite/Embrace RF consultation, have a question, or need help with financing? Contact us today!

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1. Consultation and Planning

When you come to a consultation at New Life Cosmetic Surgery Center, we will examine you and determine if you are a good candidate for Embrace RF. You will discuss how this procedure works and you will be able to talk about a specific plan for your specific wants and desires.

2. Procedure

The procedure can be done both with local numbing medication placed on the skin and under the skin or it can be done with IV conscious sedation.  You never need general anesthesia.  The procedure takes about 90 minutes.

3. Recovery

There is some swelling and redness that last 48-72 hours.  We will give you a facial compression garment for the first 48 hours and thereafter you just wear to bed for the next 6 weeks.  Most of our guests will only take 3 days off of work depending on their job.

4. Results

Results take a few months because the collagen takes time to build and the tissue under the skin takes time to tighten.  You should start seeing early results at 3 months and final results by 12 months.  Most people feel that the minimal down time, tiny incision, and lower cost compared to a face lift is what makes this procedure their choice versus the more invasive face lift.  

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