Fall is quickly rounding the corner, and pumpkin spice lattes, cozy movie nights, and colorful leaves aren’t the only things the season brings. 

Sweater weather in the air means less humidity outdoors and more heat indoors from heaters or radiators, which leads to drier skin. So if you haven’t considered swapping your summer skincare for more fall-appropriate hydrating products, now is the perfect time to reassess your routine. 

Transitioning your routine as the seasons change is essential for keeping your skin taken care of and pampered year round, so keep reading and discover our picks for the best fall skincare you need right now! 

1. Opt for a milk cleanser for extra hydration. 

Cleansing milks are excellent gentle face wash products that remove impurities, dirt, makeup, and pollutants from the skin without stripping the face of its natural oils. 

Your face is going to need more hydration as it faces more dry heat and less moisture in the air, so take a more nourishing approach to your fall skincare with a milk cleanser like this Milky Lotion Cleanser from Epionce! 

2. Try a thicker, ultra-rich moisturizer. 

Light moisturizers are perfect for the summer heat, but in the cooler months, your skill will love soaking up hydration from more intensive creams. 

This Intensive Nourishing Cream is packed with skin-boosting botanicals and powerful ceramides to promote anti-aging and plump the skin with superior hydration. So give your face and neck some extra lovin’, and don’t skimp on the moisturization step in your routine. 

3. Swap your exfoliating toner for a balancing one.

Exfoliating isn’t completely off-limits during the fall, but you certainly don’t want to overdo it with intense ingredients like glycolic acid that can dry out your skin even further. 

Instead, add a hydrating toner to the mix, like this Balancing Toner, that removes traces of impurities from the skin while providing a boost of moisture, and say goodbye to dry, flaky skin this fall! 

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