FemTite- Scarless Labia Surgery

By Dr. Daniel Lee

FemTite is a scarless procedure in-office procedure that was pioneered by a colleague of Dr. Lee’s.  Dr. Lee was the second physician in the World to perform this innovative surgery.  It addresses the loose labia majora skin that can be bothersome to women with exercise, intimacy, and at times just daily life.  Previously to FemTite the only surgery to address this problem was a labia majoraplasty.  This involves a vertical scar and a longer recovery.  A labia majoraplasty may still be needed if there is excessive loose skin, however, most women now have a new minimally invasive surgical option.

FemTite uses the Inmode Bodytite platform.  This cutting edge technology allows for radiofrequency to be applied just under the skin.  It tightens the loose skin at the fibroseptate network.  Click BodyTite to see a short video of this technology.

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