MicroNeedling with PRP & HLA

General Summary

Whatever your skin concerns, microneedling is a great way to improve your skin tone and keep your face looking brilliant. This treatment is performed in our office to smooth out fine lines and wrinkles, even out your skin tone and improve the appearance of acne scars. When you relax in our office, you don’t just get refreshed, you see real results!

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1. Consultation and Planning

When you come in for a consultation, we will discuss your skin care concerns and make sure Microneedling is the best treatment for you. You will learn about how Microneedling works and what skin care products you can use to maintain your great results afterwards!

2. Procedure

You will get numbing cream to help make the procedure relaxing and pain free. A hyaluronic acid glide is used to prep and treat your skin. Our microneedling pen uses tiny needles similar to acupuncture to create micro-injuries to the skin. This controlled injury causes your skin to use its own healing cells to rejuvenate the skin, making healthier skin cells and increase collagen production.

This treatment can also be combined with PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) to create more drastic results quicker. With the PRP, a quick blood draw is performed and the blood placed in a centrifuge to collect your body’s growth factors. This organic facial creates brilliant skin using your body’s own healing cells.

3. Recovery

This is no real down-time to this procedure. You can return to your normal daily routine immediately after but we do suggest that there is no direct sunlight to this area. There is some minor swelling and your make-up can be applied within 3 to 4 days.

4. Results

Microneedling can improve your skin with just one treatment although the best results are seen with multiple procedures. Your skin will look bright and dewy right away but results improve over the next 6 weeks as your skin is stimulated to build better collagen, smooth out fine lines and wrinkles, decrease your pore size, and smooth out scars. Individual results may vary.

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