O Shot

General Summary

Many women are frustrated with their sex life. There are four main reasons that women have problems with sex. Some women have low sexual desire. Others have a hard time getting aroused while others have a difficult time achieving orgasm. Finally, some women have dyspareunia or pain with sex. The great news is that there is a simple solution which doesn’t require hormones or surgery – it’s the O-Shot!

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1. Consultation and Planning

When you come to a consultation at New Life Cosmetic Surgery Center, Dr. Lee will determine if you are a good candidate for the O-Shot. This is a very private and personal subject so patients love the the privacy and professionalism involved in the consult. Dr. Lee will outline the procedure and answer your questions. It is exciting to think about feeling satisfied with your sex life once again!

2. Procedure

You will get numbing cream over the clitoris and vaginal introitus (the opening of the vagina) so that you will not feel the procedure. Your blood is drawn with a simple 2 minute procedure and then spun down in the centrifuge to collect the Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP). This plasma is then injected into the numb areas. After the injection, you are ready to go home and let your own growth factors do the work!

3. Recovery

There is no down-time to this procedure – you can leave the office and go right back to your normal life. There can be minor discomfort at the injection site but most patients remain numb for a few hours afterward. You may have sex immediately. You may work out immediately. Some patients feel a very hyper-awareness of their vaginal area and increased sexual desire for the first couple of days.

4. Results

The results from the O-shot are life changing. This will affect not only your sex life but also your relationships, your attitude, and your overall happiness. Studies show that better sex leads to more energy, more creativity, increased confidence, decreased depression, and improved overall health.

Some patients see results immediately, but most patients take 2-3 weeks to see a benefit with maximum results in 3 months. Urinary incontinence after having children can also be treated with the O-Shot and this usually gets better after about one month.

The benefits from O-shot include greater arousal from clitoral stimulation, younger & smoother appearing labia, tighter vaginal opening, stronger and more frequent orgasms, increased sexual desire, decrease pain from dyspareunia, increased natural lubrication, and decreased urinary incontinence. Individual results may vary.

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