It’s currently April 1, 2020, and we are in the midst of the largest pandemic in the last 100 years.  Hopefully, we are all using our “down” time in productive ways to “better” ourselves and our families. So I want to mention a few ways you can stay healthy and thrive both mentally and physically during this time.  I’m going to give you very practical actions, you can take during this time, to improve your overall being.  

For years I have been seeing patients in my office and talking to them about optimizing their health.  So this is nothing new but for many, they will use the COVID-19 social/work isolation to restart healthy habits.  

First, exercise… This looks different for everyone.  The local gym is not available at this time, but everyone has a home and a computer or cell phone.  So for those looking for cardio, strength, and pilates 30-minute workout then check out:

 For those who haven’t worked out recently but want to get back to an easier work out then check out:

I personally don’t like either of these.  My preference is more like this:

Second, nutrition… I’m a huge fan of intermittent fasting (IF).  The benefits are countless (weight loss, improved focus, and energy, etc).  It takes no time, actually frees up more time; and costs nothing, actually saves you money.  So why isn’t everyone doing this? Well, it’s hard to break the habit of eating all throughout the day!!!  Here is the video that initially gave me some guidance on IF and I have now shared with hundreds of patients in the office. 

Third, hormone optimization… Many of you know that we treat hundreds of patients for hormone optimization.  What does “optimization” mean? Well, most of us 40 years or older, no longer have the hormone levels that we had in our 20-30’s.   When your hormone levels decrease, so does your physical and mental health. So by improving your hormone levels, through bioidentical hormone replacement, you can see improvement with your energy, brain fog, muscle aches, joint pain, libido, etc.  I have written numerous blogs on all the questions you may have including the risk of cancer, side effects, etc. Please go to my blog and read more if you are interested.  Now the EXCITING OFFER!!! I will give a limited amount of free virtual hormone optimization consults in the month of April.  We normally charge $150 for the initial consultation. Contact us at if you are interested.  

Finally, our minds… Do not spend too much time watching the news.  There never has and never will be a study that shows watching the news improves your mental and physical health.  That’s not to say we shouldn’t be up to date on COVID-19. If you want to get up to date information then go to the following sites that are not going to sensationalize the facts for a political agenda.  You can go to these sites and get the most up to date, factual information that is needed to understand how COVID-19 is effecting the World.  


Johns Hopkins University-