Scarless Face Lift- FaceTite

By Dr. Daniel Lee

If you feel like the lower part of your face is sagging or that your neck has too much loose saggy skin, then you might be a candidate for the FaceTite procedure.  The FaceTite device uses radiofrequency technology to heat the tissue under the skin, which tightens and contracts the skin and the fibrous septal bands which secure the skin to the body.  A single treatment of this scarless procedure can achieve up to 37% skin contraction.

This office-based procedure is done under conscious sedation and tumescent anesthesia.  Meaning that you are sedated and feel nothing, but are not under general anesthesia on a breathing machine.  The lower face is first heated with the FaceTite device.  Then the neck area is heated.  If there is any extra fatty tissue under your jawline or chin and neck area, then Dr. Lee would perform liposuction on that area to help better contour your neck and jawline.

How do I schedule a consultation?

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