You’re here because you may have one or many of the following:

  • Have had kids (💪🏼 You go, momma!)
  • Often experience discomfort due to vaginal dryness, irritation, burning, itchiness inflammation, or thinning
  • Are subject to urinary incontinence caused by age or having children
  • Frequently experience pain during sexual intercourse
  • Find yourself experiencing frequent or reoccurring Urinary Tract Infections (UTIs)
  • Have pain with sexual relations because of vaginal dryness

All of these changes and symptoms can lead to reduced self-esteem and frustration in the bedroom. You are not alone in this and you don’t have to live with these discomforts for the rest of your life.

New Life’s Mona Lisa laser treatment can help bring you the comfort and confidence you deserve – without the use of hormones or surgery!

This quick and minimally invasive procedure uses a fractional CO2 Laser (designed specifically for the vaginal mucosa) to gently create micro-lesions that trigger an increase in production of collagen to essentially re-establish the conditions that the vaginal mucosa once had.

You can think of this treatment as being very similar to a facial peel or other laser treatment, resulting in increased tightness and other positive results.

The procedure involves no anesthesia, no downtime, and has proved to be a helpful solution for women who can’t or don’t want to use estrogen therapies.

The laser safely and painlessly reactivates proper function while also reducing many of the discomforts we mentioned above.

When you come in for a consultation, Dr. Lee will assess your specific needs and create a custom plan that fits your lifestyle.

The first treatment can be performed the same day as your consultation and takes about 5 minutes!

You’ll receive a total of 3 sessions over a span of 18 weeks. More than 84% of patients that have undergone this procedure in the United States report significant, long-lasting results.

During the procedure, you’ll receive a numbing cream to eliminate pain and discomfort.

A small wand containing the laser is inserted into your vagina and moved in a clockwise and counterclockwise motion to begin targeting the vaginal tissue. Dr. Lee will target areas specific to your needs. Recent research has shown that treatment to the outer vulva skin can help maximize results.

Patients report a vibrational sensation, but no pain during or after the procedure. The only discomfort reported occurs during the insertion of the laser if there is dryness or atrophy.

Most patients notice a difference after the first treatment, but tissue regeneration occurs over a period of a few weeks, so additional improvements will be seen as time passes after each treatment.

After the procedure is over (just 5 minutes!), you can immediately return to normal activities. You may notice minimal spotting after receiving the procedure.

Sexual intercourse, however, should wait until 48 hours after the procedure.

Results from this procedure can be enhanced by combining this procedure with the O-Shot.

Mona Lisa Vaginal Laser treatment sounds a lot scarier than it is, so we thought we would answer some of the most commonly asked questions we get about this procedure to help you feel more comfortable:

  1. How does a laser help minimize the effects of vaginal dryness, burning, itching, incontinence, UTIs, or pain during sex?

    Like we mentioned briefly above, the laser creates micro-lesions in your vaginal tissue. It’s important to understand that these lesions are incredibly small. Similar to a scrape or scratch on your skin, your body is going to try and heal these tiny lesions.

    To do so, your body is going to increase its production of collagen, which in turn thickens, nourishes, and hydrates the vaginal tissue, also leaving it more toned (helping with issues such incontinence) and re-establishing the correct vaginal pH (helping reduce your risk of infection (UTIs, for example), and assisting with vaginal lubrication and other natural processes.
  2. Does the Mona Lisa Vaginal Laser treatment really affect sexual intercourse?


    Not only will you experience increased sensitivity after treatment, some women even claim that the procedure resulted in an increase in their sex drive!

    Some studies have gone so far as to show that better, more enjoyable sex results in more energy, more creativity, increased confidence, decreased depression, and improved overall health.

    And in case you were wondering – you can have sexual intercourse 48 hours after the procedure.
  3. Do the results of this procedure last forever?

The results can last for years.  Every woman is different, some may need 1 maintenance treatment in 12-18 months and others will go years before needing another treatment.

 Dr. Lee will help you determine the best solution to your needs.

  1. Is Mona Lisa Vaginal Laser covered by insurance?

    Unfortunately, no. This is considered a cosmetic procedure so you will be required to pay for the cost of the procedure out of pocket. You should expect to spend about $1,000 per treatment at most places but at New Life Cosmetic Surgery the price for a series of 3 treatments is $1,800.
  2. Is this procedure safe for women with breast cancer or history of breast cancer?


     In fact, Mona Lisa Vaginal Laser treatments are especially helpful for women who cannot receive estrogen therapy because this treatment does not involve any hormones.

You can learn more about this procedure from Dr. Lee himself in this YouTube video.

If you experience any of the symptoms or discomforts mentioned at the beginning of this post, we encourage you to explore your options and book a consultation with New Life Cosmetic Surgery and Wellness Center to learn more about our Mona Lisa Vaginal Laser treatment!