Sculptra — kind of sounds like a superhero, doesn’t it?

That’s because it is! In the cosmetic surgery world, of course.

What is Sculptra?

Sculptra is a non-surgical filler (injectable) that helps naturally replace lost collagen in the face, neck, hands, and buttocks.

Sculptra Aesthetic is made with a biocompatible, biodegradable, synthetic material called poly-L-lactic acid, which is gradually and naturally absorbed by the body and helps to rebuild lost collagen through a series of treatments.

The injections are performed in different directions to create a mesh-like pattern under the skin. This means that once in place, the filler offers thorough coverage and can serve as a foundation upon which collagen can develop.

Results are immediate but will improve gradually over time, and can last up to 2 years.

What is the Sculptra procedure like?

Before the procedure begins, you’ll be given some topical anesthetic (numbing cream) to help reduce discomfort during the procedure.

Dr. Lee or another New Life practitioner will inject the target areas using multiple small injections. And that’s about it! The procedure is incredibly quick and most patients claim little to no discomfort at all!

What does Scluptra treat?

Sculptra had been most commonly used for buttock augmentation, but it has become a very popular treatment for face and neck rejuvenation.  It builds up the collagen to improve fine wrinkles and restore volume loss of aging. It can also help treat cellulite and wrinkles across the body, including in the:

● Buttocks

● Thighs

● Hips

● Arms

● Legs

● Face

● Hands

● Neck

What makes Sculptra different from other fillers?

Fillers, well… fill the area with Hyaluronic Acid. Biostimulants like Sculptra, on the other hand, take things one step further by encouraging your skin to produce its own collagen for repair.

Sculptra patients appreciate the natural look and feel that’s provided by the Sculptra procedure.

What else can I expect after the Sculptra procedure?

  • A boost to your collagen production
  • Improved skin texture
  • Added fullness in the face, easing the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and folds.
  • Natural, gradual results so that it doesn’t look like you just went and “had work done”
  • Because this filler essentially rebuilds the underlying infrastructure of the face by generating collagen, it offers results that last much longer than most other injectables. Patients usually enjoy their results for two years or more.
  • Even if you decide not to repeat the treatment, you’ll still come out ahead in the aging process because of the extra collagen created by that one fluid facelift.

If you’re interested in scheduling a Sculptra consultation and appointment with the New Life Cosmetic Surgery and Wellness Center team, give us a call today at 956-969-8369 or fill out our contact form.