A tummy tuck is one of the most popular surgeries in cosmetic surgery and at New Life Cosmetic Surgery.  Yet many people do not understand what the actual surgery.  There are a few different types of tummy tucks.  Dr. Lee recommends different types of tummy tucks based on the amount of loose skin that needs to be removed.  The different types include a traditional tummy tuck, mini-tummy tuck, and fleur-de-lis tummy tuck.  

A traditional tummy tuck is where the skin is removed from the belly button all the way down to below the underwear line.  This will help correct loose skin both above and below the belly button.  

traditional tummy tuck

A min-tummy tuck is where the skin is removed from on the lower mid-abdomen to below the underwear line.  This corrects the small “pooch” a patient may have in the lower abdomen, but it does not tighten any loose skin above the belly button.  If a patient has a mild amount of loose skin above the belly button then they can still have a mini-tummy tuck with a skin tightening procedure like BodyTite.  However, it doesn’t correct the diastasis rectus above the belly button. 

The Fleur De Lis is the least common type of tummy tuck.  This is done for patients that have a lot of loose skin from a large amount of weight loss, usually more than 80-100 pounds.  These patients will usually have a tremendous amount of loose skin. The skin laxity is some much that they need to have skin removed both horizontally and vertically in order to have a tight looking abdomen.  These patients are well aware prior to the surgery that they will have a low horizontal incision, as well as a vertical incision that extends midline from the low incision up to the upper abdomen.   These two scars fade over time.  Aesthetically patients often do not want to have vertical incision up their abdomen.  However, functionally they appreciate having no loose skin that can be annoying with wearing tighter clothes or with exercise.

Fleur De Lis

If you are interested in a tummy tuck then Dr. Lee will be able to provide an in-depth consultation for you and let you know exactly what type of tummy tuck will be best for you. 

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