Move over traditional liposuction! 

There’s a new and advanced method of liposuction in town! 

Similar to traditional liposuction, high-def liposuction removes stubborn fat from parts of the body that typically hold onto fat a little longer – even after a ton of healthy lifestyle changes! This newer method eliminates the fat in a more strategic and gentler way that enhances the body’s muscles, ultimately promoting a more sculpted look than standard liposuction. 

If you want a more defined look and you do all you can to stay healthy, but you still cannot shed the fat in some areas, then high-def liposuction may be the right procedure for you. 

Below you’ll find answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about high-def liposuction. 

How does high-def liposuction work? 

High-def liposuction is also known as VASER liposuction, which refers to the ultrasound device used in the fat removal process. 

VASER liposuction uses ultrasound technology to break down the fat cells and enable them to be more easily removed through liposuction. Once the fat cells are liquefied, Dr. Lee can use suction to remove the fat from the body. 

High-definition liposuction is effective because it uses soundwaves to break down the fat allows for more precise and accurate fat removal to help sculpt the body to its enhanced natural state. 

In addition, the fat cells can be reinjected into the body to achieve the most optimal curves and contours. 

What’s the difference between high-def liposuction and traditional liposuction? 

High-def liposuction is unique in that it strategically removes fat from targeted areas and reveals the muscles underneath. 

In addition, the ultrasonic energy makes for a more delicate fat removal process, and it allows for Dr. Lee to accentuate the body’s natural curves and contours precisely. Traditional liposuction is simply fat removal in the most problematic areas. 

Plus, because of the progressive nature of high-def liposuction, surgeons can now sculpt more body areas like the back, arms, chest, calves, and of course, the abdomen and obliques. 

What should I expect on the day of the procedure? 

You’ll arrive at the office in the morning and can expect to be home by early afternoon. 

For the first two to four weeks, patients should anticipate some light bruising and soreness. 

Am I a good candidate for hi-def liposuction? 

Dr. Lee recommends that your BMI be less than 28.  You should be in overall good health, not have diabetes or smoke. 

We encourage you to schedule a consultation with Dr. Lee to know for sure if you are a good candidate for high-def liposuction. 

What is recovery like? 

Recovery from a high-def liposuction procedure is straightforward but can vary from patient to patient. Some patients feel ready to hit the gym by the one-month mark, while others opt for light exercise at the week two mark. By six weeks, patients should be fully recovered. 

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