We’re always excited to share our favorite treatments and services at New Life Cosmetic Surgery and Wellness Center, and this month, we want to shine a spotlight on our newest favorite: IV therapy

What is IV therapy?

Right now, you might think IV drips are only reserved for the hospital room. But IV therapy is actually a very popular wellness treatment that’s used to deliver a wide array of health and wellness benefits. 


Since IV therapy is one of the fastest ways to get medications, blood products, and more into the bloodstream, it also works amazingly to deliver essential vitamins and minerals as well! When a patient receives an IV drip vitamin treatment, like the ones Dr. Lee administers at New Life, nutrients can then be absorbed quickly into the bloodstream, giving the patient all kinds of benefits like rehydration, detox, and more. 


Here are a few of our IV therapy treatments and their uses! 

  • Hydrate: This IV therapy includes 1 Liter IV, electrolytes, vitamin C, and complex vitamin B, and it’s an excellent treatment that boosts energy levels and immunity and fights off fatigue. 
  • Beauty: Want to take your beauty routine to the next level? Using ½ Liter IV, GABA, magnesium chloride, taurine, and theanine, this treatment helps detoxify the body and strengthens the hair, skin, and nails.  
  • Stress Relief: If you’re in need of a treatment that promotes a balanced mood and better sleep by calming the nervous system, the Stress Relief IV therapy is for you. It’s a concoction of ½ Liter IV, GABA, magnesium chloride, taurine, and theanine, and it’s administered every week until desired results are achieved. 

Is there a payment plan or membership for IV therapy?

At New Life, we offer a monthly membership for $79/month that includes one Hydrate treatment, discounted pricing on all other treatments, and 40% off for family and friends! 

Learn more about all of our drips here, and to schedule a consultation, call us at 956-969-8369!