Are you dealing with tattoo regret? Well, in the words of then-tween star Hannah Montana, nobody’s perfect. 

Deciding to get a tattoo removed is a big decision, and we understand the importance of weighing all your options! No one wants to invest in a treatment that may irritate their skin further or leave them unhappy with the results. 

If you’re already thinking that laser tattoo removal might be right for you, your next steps should be to decide which kind of laser is best for achieving the desired results. So good thing you clicked on this post today because we’re highlighting our latest laser that’s considered the most superior for tattoo removals, the Q-Switched laser!

The Q-Switched laser, or quality-switched laser, uses the power of precise, high-intensity beams of pulsated light to penetrate the skin’s surface. The energy from the Q-Switched laser during a tattoo removal is absorbed by the ink particles, which then turn into tiny fragments for the body’s immune system to flush out on its own. 

Your tattoo will fade away on its own over time thanks to powerfully precise and intense beams of pulsated light the Q-Switched laser omits combined with the body’s natural immune response! And as for what makes the Q-Switched laser stand out among other lasers for tattoo removal, here are three reasons to consider: 

1. The Q-Switched laser is the only laser tattoo removal technology that can reach the dermis and shatter ink particles without damage or scarring. 

Scarring is one of the biggest deterrents of laser tattoo removal, but you don’t have to worry about that with the Q-Switched laser! 

Its beam pulses are incredibly fast, lasting for merely a billionth of a second, which means the skin’s tissue doesn’t receive heat long enough to cause damage. 

2. The Q-Switched laser uses different wavelengths to target all ink colors effectively. 

Different colors of tattoo ink absorb light differently, and not all lasers are well-suited to treat a broad spectrum of pigments like the Q-Switched laser is. 

There are particular types of Q-Switched lasers designed for treating different colors. So no, you don’t have to worry about a spotty tattoo removal if you don’t have a classic black ink tattoo because this advanced technology is already one step ahead of you! 

3. The Q-Switched laser is the safest tattoo removal laser for dark skin tones.

The beauty of the Q-switched laser is its precision and ability to penetrate the skin without causing scarring and hyperpigmentation, which are both common in patients with darker skin tones. 

Compared to other lasers, the Q-Switched is the best technology for reducing the chances of any skin damage and delivering results for people of all skin tones and tattoo colors. 

To learn more about Q-Switched laser tattoo removal, call us today! 

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