If you’re up to date on the latest cosmetic trends, then you’ll know that “vampire facials,’ a procedure that calls for the use of your own blood to promote a better complexion, isn’t the only bloody procedure around. 

Platelet-rich plasma, aka PRP, hair injections is the latest innovation in hair restorations that can help you regain and retain healthy hair—with just a little help from your blood, of course. 

Here are seven things we think you should know before you schedule a consultation for PRP Hair Injections: 

1. How PRP Hair Injections Work

PRP Hair Injections work by taking advantage of the growth factors that exist in plasma.

Plasma is rich with platelets that can help stimulate the hair follicles and promote hair growth – which makes plasma the perfect tool for naturally stimulating hair growth in patients!

In order to get the platelet-rich plasma needed for the treatment, a patient’s blood is drawn and then spun down in a centrifuge to isolate the growth factors. It is truly that simple! 

2. PRP Hair Injections don’t work for every type of hair loss. 

While most people who experience hair loss or thinning can benefit from PRP hair injections, those with specific conditions like scarring Alopecia may not. 

If you’re unsure of your compatibility with a procedure like this, we encourage you to schedule a consultation with us to determine whether you are a good candidate for PRP hair injections or if there might be a better solution for your needs. 

3. The procedure is non-invasive and one of the safest hair restoration methods out there. 

During a PRP hair injection procedure, we will draw a small amount of blood from the patient. 

The blood will then be separated to isolate the growth factors, which we will then inject into the scalp with platelet-rich plasma. Patients can expect to go home and carry out their normal activities that same day! 

4. Your hair will become thicker over three months. 

Everyone is different, but most people will start to see results over the course of three months. The progression of healing may also be different for those with health problems, smokers, or those with unforeseen complications following the procedure. 

5. It can take up to three treatments to notice a difference in your hair.

Consistency is key to achieving the best results with PRP hair injections. 

Dr. Lee recommends more three treatments to see a noticeable difference in hair growth. Receiving treatments on a long-term basis is the most effective way to stimulate hair growth and stop continuous hair fallout. 

Are you ready to achieve fuller, thicker hair without complex surgery? Schedule your consultation or your appointment for PRP hair injections at New Life Cosmetic Surgery and Wellness Center by giving us a call at 956-969-8369 today!