Even with cosmetic procedures like BBLs and fillers on the rise worldwide, breast augmentation still takes the cake as the most popular cosmetic surgery in the U.S, and for many reasons!


Some patients have never had the chest they desired, and some want to refill the volume that may have been lost due to pregnancy. But whatever your reasons are, or the next person’s, for wanting breast implants, we know that you probably have lots of questions about the procedure itself. 


So to help ease your mind or tackle any concerns before your consultation, here’s our answers to some frequently asked questions about breast augmentation surgeries! 


  1. How do you decide what size breast implant to get? 

During your consultation with Dr. Lee, you’ll review your goals and desired outcome for your procedure together. At New Life, we try to make the decision as easy as possible for our patients and we provide a fitting process that allows patients to try on many different implant sizes! 


  1. Are the implants silicone gel or saline water?

Dr. Lee usually uses silicone gel implants for a few reasons, like they lead to less scarring, ripping, or deflation. But just like patients get to have an input in the size of their implant, your thoughts are also considered here too! 


  1. Who shouldn’t get breast implants? 

Your first step should always be to come in and see Dr. Lee for a consultation if you aren’t sure if you’re the best candidate for breast augmentation. For general reference, the procedure isn’t recommended for women who want two identical breasts, have thin frames that can’t handle the implants, or will become frustrated if their implants deflate. 


  1. How long does the procedure take? 

Breast augmentation surgery typically lasts about an hour and it’s always done with IV conscious sedation. Patients arrive at the office in the morning and can expect to be home by early afternoon. 


Want to learn more about our process at New Life? 

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