The ever-so-popular BBL or Brazilian butt lift hasn’t lost its prime status yet, that’s for sure. 

Since the pandemic, plastic surgeons have reported a rise in patient demand for buttock augmentation procedures, aka BBLs, and many credit TikTok for giving the cosmetic surgery a boost in popularity again. 

But whether social media has sparked your interest in BBLs, or you’re curious if you’d make a good candidate for the procedure yourself, New Life Cosmetics has done its fair share of BBLS, and we’re happy to give you some insight into what to expect. 

Even though Brazilian butt lifts are cosmetic procedures, we know surgery isn’t always a lighthearted life event for one to go through.

Not only do we at New Life Cosmetic Surgery want our patients to feel comfortable going into their procedure, but we also want them to be prepared. So, if you’re thinking about getting a BBL soon, you’re already doing the right thing by doing your research. 

To achieve the best results from a Brazilian butt lift, you should first know what to expect. 

And we’ll tell you what TikTok may not tell you. By definition, a Brazilian butt lift surgery involves fat transfers to augment the size and shape of the buttocks naturally. But here’s even more context for you to help prepare for the before and after of a BBL procedure! 

1. You need a consultation to determine which type of BBL is right for you. 

That’s right, folks. BBLs aren’t all one and the same, so expect Dr. Lee to create a procedure plan that’s tailored to your goals. 

During the actual surgery, fat is removed with liposuction from areas of the body such as the back and abdomen. And then, it’s transferred to the buttocks to augment the shape and size according to the patient’s preference. This is why that consultation to determine the best surgical plan is crucial. 

2. You will have to take active care of your body post-surgery. 

Aftercare for BBLs takes attention and serious care, just like any invasive procedure. 

Dr. Lee will provide aftercare instructions that guide patients towards a healthy recovery. And after receiving a BBL, you can expect to follow strict guidelines regarding daily activities like sitting, lying, sleeping, and driving.

Most people return to light activities and work after one week. Still, a normal progression of healing after a BBL could vary depending on health problems or unforeseen complications after surgery. However, as long as you’re following Dr. Lee’s orders, you’ll be on track to healing! 

3. You will experience some pain and discomfort, but you’ll notice immediate results. 

Those who’ve tried changing their diet and exercise to grow the glutes of their dreams to no avail will be over the moon to know BBL patients see positive differences in the shape and size of their butt following surgery. 

However, it’s completely normal to experience some swelling and pain in those procedure areas, and Dr. Lee will prescribe medication to assist with the discomfort. 

To know everything there is to know about BBLs, schedule your consultation today! 

There’s only so much we can tell you in one post, so if you’re considering BBL surgery for yourself, call the New Life Cosmetic Surgery team today at 956.969.8369 to schedule a consultation.