What’s Hormone Pellet Replacement?

By Dr. Daniel Lee

Dr. Lee has been a leader in the Rio Grande Valley in treating men and women with symptoms of hormone deficiency with bioidentical hormone replacement therapy(BHRT).  He has treated thousands of men and women.  He commonly hears from his patients “I have my life back” after their hormones have been optimized.  He treats women with bioidentical hormones either with a cream or pellet.  Men are treated with bioidentical testosterone pellets.

So what’s all the hype over the hormone pellets?  Well prior to the pellets the bioidentical hormones were extracted from plants and placed in either a cream, troche, sublingual drops, or a pill.  All of these options meant the patient would need to use it daily and sometimes a few times a day.  The pellet allows for women to need only 1 pellet placement every 3-4 months and men every 6 months.  This leads to more steady blood levels, better compliance because the patient doesn’t need to remember to take it, and overall Dr. Lee just sees better results with the pellet.

The female and male testosterone pellets are the sizes of a large grain of rice.  The estrogen pellet is smaller than a pencil eraser.  The procedure takes less than 5 minutes in women and 10 minutes in men.  The placement is usually just below the beltline in both men and women.  To watch a video of Dr. Lee placing a pellet click here.  As you will see the placement is quick and painless.

There are many manufacturers of bioidentical hormone pellets.  They all say they work the best. The most common one is BioTe.  The physicians that use BioTe are usually contracted with this company and follow the companies protocol for management.  Dr. Lee has been doing hormone management for many years and has worked independently with many different hormone pellet manufacturers.  He strives to work with those that have the highest quality and the most affordable prices for his patients.

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