Cosmetic surgeons from the 1980’s face an arguably easier industry than today’s cosmetic surgeons do.

And that’s largely in part due to our social media environment and the impacts it has had on potential patients. This digital age, while incredibly beneficial to our society in many ways, has brought with it a set of unrealistic expectations for potential cosmetic surgery candidates.

They see the perfect nose on an actor or pop culture icon, and immediately wish they could change theirs. On occasion, potential patients come in, ask for something “like this nose”, but fail to consider the fact that they are their own person. Their features vary from those of the person with the “perfect” nose. So what happens when we put that perfect nose onto the patient and it doesn’t meet their expectations?

That’s exactly why we book consultations with our patients. Not only are we looking to see if your physical health meets surgical standards (in other words, are you healthy enough to safely undergo an operation?) but also to see if your mental health is up to par and that you are willing to take on this challenge.


The same goes for any of our other surgical procedures. Our number one priority as medical professionals is to do no harm, and that means taking our patient’s physical and mental health into account before proceeding.

As cosmetic surgeons, we’re tasked with the additional pressure of not only being responsible for a patient’s life, but also managing their expectations, discovering their desires, and meeting both of our anticipated results – regardless of the challenge.

So let’s set some expectations:

At New Life, our primary goal – aside from your health and safety – is helping you reach that next milestone or overcome a part of you that you feel always hindered you. But our hard work doesn’t matter if you’re not ready to take this as seriously as we do.

Your transformation will not be successful in the long term if you aren’t willing to commit to a new lifestyle. This lifestyle entails putting your health, your wellness, and your body first. After all – it is the thing that carries you through life!

Post Op Care For Tummy Tuck!

We can both agree that medicine and the things it is capable of are a miracle in itself. But the real miracle lies within you and your ability to change and maintain your health.

And on that note, it’s important to understand that surgery of any magnitude should not be your first choice. You should consider what other steps you can take first to improve your overall health and wellbeing. Surgery should be a last resort after you’ve taken all of the steps possible and aren’t seeing your desired results.

All surgeries require post-op care. Then there is recovery. Finally, once your swelling goes down you will start to see results.

Post Op Care For Breast Augmentation!

But for some surgeries, swelling may remain for up to 6 months. Are you prepared to wait that long for results? Do you understand that your immediate results after surgery are not the final results?

Additionally, other surgeries demand maintenance to remain successful in the long run. Getting a transformative tummy tuck procedure does not mean you can return to old habits. Surgeries like these require that you commit to a new lifestyle, not just a new diet. This upkeep will need to be completed for the rest of your life.

Post Op Care For Liposuction!

Surgery or not – nutrition and exercise are key to long-term health.

A few tips for those considering cosmetic surgery of any kind:

  • Make a post-op lifestyle plan that you’re willing and ready to commit to.
  • Start building healthy habits NOW. Don’t wait until after your procedure.
  • Acknowledge the potential outcomes and results of your procedure. Don’t lock yourself into one expectation.
  • Although surgery has the potential to be life-changing for some, surgery in itself is not life-changing. It’s still you in that body, even if you look a little different. That’s why a proper mindset (and commitment to long-term health) is key.
  • Your mindset will be the true transformation and the largest factor to your success. Give future you a pat on the back for all of your hard work keeping up with your body.

If you think you’re up to the challenge of long-term wellness, ready for a lifestyle change and long-term commitment – and most importantly, a change – then contact New Life Cosmetic Surgery and Wellness Center to set up your consultation.

We look forward to helping you take this next step in your health and wellness journey!