What to Expect After a Lip Filler: The Do’s and Don’ts of Aftercare 

Though lip filler procedures take only minutes, you might still be wondering how strict aftercare may be. Of course, you want to achieve the best results, so let’s dive into some popular post-procedure concerns and aftercare tips! 

How to reduce swelling and bruising after lip fillers

Minor swelling and bruising are the most common side-effects after getting lip fillers, so let’s start there. 

Besides marveling at your full beautiful lips, there are three things you want to do immediately after your treatment: 

1. Apply an ice pack covered in a thin cloth to your lips. This helps ease swelling, bruising, and any irritation you may experience. 

2. Avoid intense exercise for 24-48 hours. Low-intensity activity is acceptable, like walking, but anything that raises your heart rate and blood pressure can worsen swelling or bruising. 

3. Drink water. Staying hydrated can help your body heal. 

Again, swelling and bruising are expected side effects of lip fillers, but with these tips above, they should pass within 48 hours after treatment. If you’re experiencing excessive bleeding, bruising, or swelling after your procedure, get in touch with New Life Cosmetic Surgery and Wellness Center immediately. 

4. Gentle massage.  It is common to feel lumps/bumps in the lips.  Gently massage these areas between the tumb and index finger. 

What to do for lip filler aftercare 

1. Ask Dr. Lee what pain medicines are okay to take. Blood-thinning medications like aspirin or ibuprofen should be avoided. 

2. Plan ahead for events accordingly, and make sure you give yourself enough recovery time. 

3. Eat foods that are easy to eat and don’t involve a lot of wiping and rubbing at your lips to avoid irritating the treatment area. 

4. Sleep with your head in an elevated position to reduce swelling. 

5. Be gentle with your face and lips, especially when it’s time to wash your face at night or in the morning. 

What no to do after a lip filler treatment 

1. Avoid drinking alcohol since it’s a blood thinner and can cause inflammation, worsening your bruising and swelling. 

2. Avoid being in high temperatures such as a hot bath, steam room, saunas, or a heated exercise glass because heat can make swelling more noticeable. 

3. Avoid wearing makeup immediately after the procedure. 

4. Be wary of drinking hot beverages immediately after treatment as numbing cream may make it harder for you to gauge how hot a drink is, and who wants to burn themselves? 

When will you use the final results of your lip filler?

You’re going to see results immediately after your procedure, but it’ll take about four weeks for the filler to settle in completely. That final look will last you six months at the least, so you’ve got a while to enjoy your new look! 

Are you a suitable candidate for filler treatments? 

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