By Celina Bravo

With the spread of COVID-19 on everyone’s minds, one of the widespread pieces of advice being relayed is about washing our hands and applying sanitizer frequently. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends washing our hands often, wash them for at least 20 seconds, YES TWENTY SECONDS with soap and water.

Just imagine the amount of time your hands are dipped into or soaked with foaming agents, surfactants, harsh synthetic chemicals and multiply this with the number of times you are using hand sanitizer – another important advice being relayed for prevention of coronavirus! This repeated washing and sanitizing your hands can be painful for your hands, especially when you are using a recommended sanitizer that must contain at least 60% alcohol. That might actually make your hands prone to cracks that can facilitate even more aggressive spread of germs and the dreaded coronavirus. The washing of hands over and over again strips away the natural oils of your skin and trust me, some of the soaps can be very nasty because of the harsh foaming agents.

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The key is not only washing but also moisturizing! If your hands are chapped and broken, the efficacy of cleanser or sanitizer to clean the germs is significantly impacted. Also, resulting cracks and wounds make your hands vulnerable to infections because the skin barrier has been broken in. Although coronavirus tends to enter the body through the respiratory system technically, any wound is an open invitation to the germs.

Moisturizing your hands after cleaning will decrease the chances of picking or spreading the germs manifold and always a part of Best Skin Care Routine. If your skin is looking rough and dry, that means you are washing your hands too much without keeping them hydrated and you need a moisturizer. Greasy skin creams tend to make your life difficult especially if you are typing on a keyboard or touching a smartphone and we hate feeling greasy!

Our amazing skincare line has a quick-absorbing, non-greasy hydrating cream that helps reverse the visible appearance of imperfections and signs of skin aging on the hands. Infused with raspberry seed oil and other potent botanicals, Restorative Hand Cream leaves the hands feeling incredibly soft, smooth and more youthful-looking.

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